Strategic Architecture

If you are in the beginning of a project, whether it is a new or an existing building, I can help you define a style that matches your personal or corporate identity. I can help you design an environment that supports your life, work processes and well-being. You or your company are the centre of the design, which makes it my challenge to get to know you, your taste, preferences and work processes. Your input is essential. When I have got the picture, I create mood boards visualizing your style, define how you wish to live and work and summarize these in focal points for your design. This program of visual and verbal requirements should be the basis for design. Based on this program of requirements, I can design your space. Another possibility is to ask another architect to do the design and ask me to be your consultant. In this case I would check if the architects’ design continues to match your requirements along the various phases of the design and building process. My experience ranges from drawings to construction, from concrete to curtains.

Art Consulting

Next to making Art, I am an Art lover myself. I thank my parents for dragging me to galleries and musea when I was a kid. I visit many of these places with my own children too. Kids’ unlimited view of what we call art is a state of mind I think we should all cherish and that brings forth the best artists. I have gathered a collection of art of fellow artists around me and respect their influence on me. I have a passion for Dutch and Brazilian Art, but would not like to be limited to this.

  • I can help you choose art matching your space, your personal identity or your corporate identity.
  • I can help you build a consistent collection of art.
  • Art can be seen as an investment, both financial and emotional.